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 If  you still feel bad breath odor even though you still have to brush your teeth regularly? If so, the cause may come from your tongue. Tongue cleaning is often overlooked and only focused on the oral surface of the tooth brus8hing alone. In fact, the tongue can contribute greatly to the bad breath odor. Why?

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On the surface of the tongue scattered small bump-bump so called papillae that functions as a taste bud. Many microorganisms that colonize the surface of the tongue, especially the dorsum of the tongue (tongue back), with a number of very much. Anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that can not live if no oxygen) to colonize it produces chemicals such as sulfur compounds (volatile sulfur compounds, VSC). Plaque not only be formed on the surface and in between the teeth, but also can form and accumulate on the surface of the tongue, because of papillae on the surface of the tongue to trap food debris.

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Layer formed on the surface of the tongue that contain dead cells, plaque, debris or waste food, and VSC-producing bacteria that is the one major source of bad breath odor. Many studies reveal that the rubbing of the tongue can reduce the amount of bacteria on the tongue surface significantly. According to Joseph Tonzetich, simply by brushing the posterior (rear) dorsum of the tongue only, oral sulfide can be reduced by 70%. The study is in line with results from other studies, in which according to Hinode, tongue coating score correlated significantly to the sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

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