daily white fusion teeth whitening foam Natural alternative

 Daily white fusion teeth whitening foam Natural alternative

You do not know what to use to have white teeth?

Then try a less common, but giving results guaranteed.

Whitens your teeth … coal!

daily white fusion teeth whitening foam
daily white fusion teeth whitening foam

Although during the procedure will look weird with black teeth, this technique is designed to make your teeth white tears.

First, you should know that not all coal is effective, so do not buy under any circumstances, barbecue coals that then to use them for oral hygiene! For this purpose medicinal indicated coal. It is in any pharmacy, such as tablets or capsules.

Here’s how to do: add a little slacking (crush a tablet or a capsule carried), mixed with a few drops of cinnamon oil, then put on your toothbrush and brushing teeth surface for 3-5 minutes, then rinse well mouth to remove any trace of coal. The procedure is performed only once a week!

Coal is a porous material with texture and has an abrasive effect. Typically, coal is used to treat indigestion medicines is considered a true natural dressing for the stomach.

But coal has a property that few know.

The coal has the advantage of being much cheaper than other professional whitening methods, but is less toxic and does not cause irritation of the gums, in contrast to the bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.

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