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 Tooth pain- tooth pain or toothache is caused when nerve in the root of tooth or surrounding a tooth is irritated. It cause chronic nerve pain. 

Vitamin E is good. It is a powerful antioxidant that can be taken in capsule form or opened and rubbed onto the gums to relieve soreness of the gums.

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Swellimg gum- gum swelling involve one or many of the traingular shaped areas of gum between the teeth. These sections are called papillae. Swellimg gum- block the teeth completely. 

There is no doubt that Vitamins and Minerals are essential for Healthy Teeth. And here 5 important Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Teeth:


Vitamin C.


Vitamin A.

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can naturally strengthen tooth enamel. It can also protect your teeth against foods and drinks that cause acid erosion. Below are some vitamins and minerals that support strong enamel and the healthy foods where you can find them.

Vitamins and Minerals for Strong Enamel


Calcium is one of the most important minerals for healthy teeth because it strengthens your enamel. Sure, you may know that dairy products are a great source of calcium, but so are leafy greens, beans, and almonds.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is doubly important because not only does it boost mineral density, it also helps absorb, carry, and deposit calcium in the bones that support your teeth. Some dairy products and cereal are fortified with vitamin D, but you can also get it naturally from the sun.


Phosphorus plays a critical role in dental health because it naturally protects and rebuilds tooth enamel. The best sources of phosphorus can be found in protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a key nutrient in keeping your gums healthy as well as building tooth enamel. Most foods with vitamin A are orange—making it easy to remember that sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and carrots are all vitamin A powerhouses.

Your mother needs to drink fluoridated water while she is carrying you. This protects your baby teeth. Then, when you are born, you need to drink fluoridated water to protect your adult teeth. It is a fact that community water fluoridation has been the most successful public health program of all time

This depends on what stage you are in your life. If you are an unborn baby, or a child under the age of 7 whose teeth aren’t fully formed, then it is important that you have enough calcium and enough vitamin D in order to absorb it. However, beyond that age they are unlikely to make any difference to you teeth (your bones are another matter).

However, teeth are stronger and more resistant to decay if there is a small amount of fluoride incorporated into them. The easiest way to be sure of this is to use a fluoride toothpaste. Too much fluoride, though, at the growing stage can damage or even stunt the growth of teeth, a condition called fluorosis. This can occur if you live in an area where there is naturally a high level of fluoride in the water. Sometimes fluoride is deliberately added to water as a public health measure to protect teeth, but the amount is too small to cause fluorosis.

Bones and teeth require calcium.

Vitamine D3 Ir required to absorb calcium from the guts.

Vitamine K2 is required to direct calcium to bones. Without it calcification of soft tissues is a threat.

Magnesium , silica and a few other minerals are required to build calcium in bones.

It is good protein that can hold calcium in bones.

Exercise is an important Vitamine to keep the bones strong

Sugar and too much salt are not bone friendly.

Indeed, teeth need all the nutrients and nourishment to be hail and healthy. Regular vitamins and calcium and phosphorus are very essential. Mainly vitamin C, D, and E are vital to reinforce teeth.

because once formed they don’t change except to break down but that is completely dependent on one’s diet and oral hygiene care.

However while they are being formed vitamins are necessary, most of which come from the diet.

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